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Improve Your Guitar Soloing & Improvising Chops With A
FREE "Soloing Essentials" Course That Teaches….

How To Play 5 Awesome Licks That Are Guaranteed To WOW Anyone!


This quick and easy online course will teach you 5 New and Rockin Licks:
“Essential Blues Rippin”, “Essential Rock Rippin”, “Pedaling The E String”, “80’s Rock Rippin” and “Spanish Flavor”

Each lesson is complete with an step by step video to fully illustrate how to learn and play the licks as if you wrote
them yourself. Also includes free bonus Tabs and Backing Tracks to practice along to!

Plus… Get Access To Dozens Of Helpful Guitar Lessons On Improving Your Playing And Soloing Skills!

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  • Jon Harvison – Steeton UK

    Jon Harvison – Steeton UK
    Jon Harvison – Steeton UK
    I have played guitar for a number of years and spent the last 27 years touring on the UK folk circuit. I stopped playing full time some seven years ago and now earn my crust teaching guitar. An email from Super Guitar Licks dropped into my in box so out of curiosity I had a quick look.

    What a great site. As we all know there are any number of teaching sites around, sadly a great deal of them really not that good. This site is excellent. Well laid out, great playing and more importantly good teaching!!. The idea of having ready made jam tracks is not new but here is done really well and gives you a great backing to work to.

    I have not played electric guitar in anger since the 1980s having gone very heavily down the acoustic route. I am finding this site great for teaching me all the things I missed out on, now looking for a band J
  • -Lou Deangelo

    Super Guitar Licks is the real deal if you are willing to practice what they have and follow there instructions, you will most definetly learn and see a real change in your playing. I learned some stuff, that last week I wouldn’t think i could do. If you haven’t tried it do so, you’ll be glad you did!

    -Lou Deangelo
  • Sam Lyons – Sulphur,Louisiana

    Sam Lyons – Sulphur,Louisiana
    Super Guitar Licks is the absolute best online guitar course I’ve seen on the market today. I have played guitar for over 40 years and taught guitar lessons for over 36 years. Super Guitar Licks has so much to offer, is a very focused course, and super easy to follow and gives you so much value at a super low price. You will learn how to play lead guitar like your favorite rock star, also learn how to solo guitar, shred and so much more. I give Super Guitar Licks a big Thumbs Up and a 5 Star rating!
  • Michael Korshikov

    Michael Korshikov, -Odessa, Ukraine
    I’ve just watched some of the videos on Super Guitar Licks and wanna say I was really impressed by the guitar instruction… I really enjoyed watching the videos. First of all, I liked the way the interface of this website looks. It’s pretty simple and distinct, so any visitor will be able to find anything they want without opening 100+ tabs to find the section it’s looking for.
    The lessons are effective and easy to comprehend. I think the teachers are great and these lessons are gonna work! Plus I liked the idea with backing tracks for jamming, so any beginer who doesn’t have an opportunity to jam with a band or spend few hours to find a suitable backing track will be able to jam with the tracks that are used in the lessons. Great lessons and great site!
  • Keith Pike

    I’ve bought and watched a lot of guitar learning programs over the years and after checking out Super Guitar Licks, I can say that there is nothing even close to the in-depth work and detail that went into this program.

    The only thing that I can think of that would make it any better is for me to hook my laptop up to my big screen tv and it would be as if the instructor was actually in the room with me!

    Thanks For The Great Guitar Lessons!

    Keith Pike
free guitar lessons 6

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