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  • Barry Byrum

    Barry Byrum

    I’ve learned more about lead guitar playing since I started a few weeks ago than in the last 40 years of playing!

  • Sam Lyons

    Sam Lyons

    Super Guitar Licks has so much to offer, is a very focused course, and super easy to follow and gives you so much value at a super low price. You will learn how to play lead guitar like your favorite rock star, also learn how to solo guitar, shred and so much more. 

    Sulphur, Louisiana
  • Leonard Canter

    Leonard Canter

    I’ve really enjoyed working with Super Guitar Licks! It’s been helping me to progress and make use of all the guitars I’ve collected over the years… One of my favorites is playing some Johnny Cash on a 1998 Gretsch G6120 Nashville!

  • Jon Harvison

    Jon Harvison

    What a great site. Well laid out, great playing and more importantly good teaching! The idea of having ready made jam tracks is not new but here is done really well and gives you a great backing to work to. I am finding this site great for teaching me all the things I missed out on, now looking for a band.

    Steeton, UK