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What Other Players Are Saying...

  • Michael Korshikov

    Michael Korshikov

    I liked the way the interface of this website looks. It’s pretty simple and distinct.

    The lessons are effective and easy to comprehend. I think the teachers are great and these lessons are gonna work! Plus I liked the idea with backing tracks for jamming.

  • Lou Deangelo

    Lou Deangelo

    Super Guitar Licks is the real deal if you are willing to practice what they have and follow their instructions, you will most definitely learn and see a real change in your playing. I learned some stuff, that last week I wouldn’t think i could do. If you haven’t tried it do so, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Frank Cordaro

    Frank Cordaro

    Thanks for the tips you send out. You have a great website and I am really building on my guitar playing as a result of it.

  • Ricky Willis

    Ricky Willis

    Hey Mike, just wanted to say thank you for the backing tracks. I don’t have a lot of spare time and getting together with other guys just doesn’t happen anymore. The backing tracks is just what I need to feel the thrill! I haven’t had calluses on my finger tips in 20+ years. I do now!

    I’m a product of the 80’s rock genre and I absolutely love the jams! Keep doing what you do! Old guys like me really appreciate it! It’s just a piece of my youth that I can reach back and touch!

Get Ready For Over 3 Hours Of Awesome Guitar Instruction, With Over 40 Individual Lessons!

Guitar Styling Essentials Fundamentals To Playing Over Different Styles Of Music

Guitar Styling is all about teaching you how to play guitar in specific genres of music. It’s made up of 4 different courses which are:

  • The Bluesman’s Basics
  • Jazz Beginning For The Rock Guitarist
  • Extended Chord Workshop
  • Chord Progressions For The Big 6

Great guitar soloing starts with being able to use the right scales, chords, licks and phrases for the specific style of music you are soloing over. If you want to sound like a seasoned player, you need to know how to approach playing over different styles of music.

Guitar Styling Essentials is going to focus on developing your skills and understanding of how to approach playing and soloing over some of the most common styles. We’re not just going to focus on leads and solos either… Extended Chord Workshop and Chord Progressions For The Big 6 are going to build your chord chops so you’re not just using power chords for every groove and riff.

The Bluesman’s Basics is broken up into 9 separate parts/lessons which introduces the beginning guitarist to the blues progression and shuffle (rhythm and chords) and offers a few ways to elaborate on it using a variety of tools such as fills, sliding chord inversions and putting chords together using voicings that are harmonically close together.

Learning jazz guitar can be a mystery and daunting endeavor to rock guitarists…. It’s usually an area of interest but can be confusing on knowing where to begin… With Jazz Beginnings there will be no more mystery! You needn’t start from scratch to learn a whole new style. We’ll share the secrets to taking what you already know as a rock player and use it as a solid foundation to building your jazz skills.

So Why Will This Course Work For Me???

When we survey guitar students and ask about what they want from a guitar learning program… the most common feedback we get is that they want:

  • A Step-By-Step Approach To Learning
  • Easy To Follow Videos
  • Good Lighting & Clean Up-Close Camera Angles
  • Accurate Guitar Tabs and Backing Tracks To Practice to

With Super Guitar Licks We Focused On What Our Students Asked For And Created It!

We took the time to create all of the above and more!

All of our courses and programs are organized and taught in a Step-By-Step approach so that you develop your skills in a sequence that makes sense and builds upon your abilities as you get better and better!

One of the problems with trying to learn guitar online is that there is SO MUCH information, videos, blogs, articles, etc.. usually NOT organized in any clear manner. Super Guitar Licks cuts out all of the noise and chatter and gives you a straight path to learning the skills that each course is designed for.

So Let’s Talk About The Goals Of This Course &
What You Can Expect From It…

Here Are Just Some Of The Skills You Will Acquire From Guitar Styling Essentials

  • Learn Different Shuffle Rhythms For Blues Playing
  • Be Able To Use Exotic Chord Voicings To Spice Things Up
  • Understand What Makes Different Styles Of Music “Tic”
  • Build Your Jazz Skills With What You Already Know As A Rock Or Blues Player

Learn The Crucial Elements To Playing Guitar In Specific Genres Of Music

The Bluesman’s Basics – 9 lessons totaling over 40 minutes of instruction. This course introduces you to the blues progression and shuffle rhythm as well as the chords you will encounter when jamming on the blues. Spice up your blues playing by using powerful tools such as fills, sliding chord inversions and putting chords together using exciting voicings you won’t find in your typical blues course!

Jazz Beginnings – 9 lessons totaling 1 hour of instruction. This course takes the “mystery” out of learning how to play jazz and hang with other players. You will learn the secrets to taking what you already know as a rock or blues player and use it as a solid foundation to building your jazz skills

Extended Chords Workshop – 18 lessons totaling over 40 minutes of instruction. These lessons will teach you how to play all of the most popular and widely used 7th and 9th chords. Focusing on 6 different 7th Chords and 6 different 9th Chords, you will learn how to voice them on the 6th, 5th and 4th strings!

Chord Progressions For The Big 6 – 6 lessons totaling over 1 hour of instruction. This group of lessons reveals themes among common chord progressions, focusing on how they define the “sound” of “The Big 6” main styles: Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Jam Band and Alternative. You will see examples of each of these in action and get insight on how to incorporate them into your playing!

Understand Musically What’s Happening And Why It Works

We start at a very basic level in both the technical side of lead guitar playing as well as how the theory of soloing works and progress through more and more complex ideas as you go. So whether your a complete beginner on guitar in general or consider yourself intermediate and seasoned, you’ll find content and lessons to help you grow as a soloist and musician alike

Achieve Skills That Are Useful And Useable In Real Life Playing Situations

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Whether it’s in a real band, a local open jam or at a small coffee shop. We will be building your skills and confidence so that you can use what you learn in real life situations and have fun showing other people what you’ve achieved

We believe that anyone can have fun and get total enjoyment out of playing guitar by themselves and in the privacy of their own homes, garages and man caves… But we also know that the real pay dirt for spending time developing your soloing skills comes when you get out there and jam with other people!
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