Guitar Styling Essentials
“Fundamentals To Playing Over Different Styles Of Music”

This Program Consists Of 4 Courses, Each Designed To Teach You Crucial Elements To Playing Guitar In Specific Genres Of Music

  • The Bluesman’s Basics – introduces you to the blues progression and shuffle rhythm as well as the chords you will encounter when jamming on the blues. Spice up your blues playing by using powerful tools such as fills, sliding chord inversions and putting chords together using exciting voicings you won’t find in your typical blues course!
  • Jazz Beginnings – This course takes the “mystery” out of learning how to play jazz and hang with other players. You will learn the secrets to taking what you already know as a rock or blues player and use it as a solid foundation to building your jazz skills
  • The Extended Chords Workshop – These lessons will teach you how to play all of the most popular and widely used 7th and 9th chords. Focusing on 6 different 7th Chords and 6 different 9th Chords, you will learn how to voice them on the 6th, 5th and 4th strings!
  • Chord Progressions For The Big 6 – This group of lessons reveals themes among common chord progressions, focusing on how they define the “sound” of “The Big 6” main styles. You will see examples of each of these in action and get insight on how to incorporate them into your playing!

The Bluesman’s Basics


Jazz Beginnings For
The Rock Guitarist


Extended Chords Workshop


Chord Progressions For
The Big 6