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Harmonics Series

Harmonics can be used in a variety of ways, from emphasizing rhythm to making melodies ring clearly to tuning a guitar,

In this series you will learn about the four different types of harmonics, how to play them and some examples of how to use each.

Part 1 – Natural Harmonics: These are the most common of harmonics, characterized by a ringing, bell-like quality.  They can also be used to tune the guitar.

Part 2 – Artificial Harmonics:  If you’ve ever heard a guitar “scream” or “squeal” you’ve heard artificial harmonics. These can add a cutting bite to solos.

Part 3 – Right Hand Harmonics: These find their root in classical guitar technique and are most commonly heard there to produce bell-like melodies.  Here I adapt them to electric guitar for you.  They ring clearer that tapped harmonics and offer a greater variety of pitches that can be played than natural harmonics.

Part 4 – Tapped Harmonics: I show you the secrets to producing these elusive tones.  Popularized by Van Halen in solos like “5150?, “Mean Street” and “Spanish Fly” these find a home in rock and metal styles

Part 1
Natural Harmonics

Part 2
Artificial Harmonics

Part 3
Right Hand Harmonics

Part 4
Tapped Harmonics