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Hammer-On and Pull-Off Series


In this series we start with basic hammer-on, pull-off technique and work from there to put together complex hammer-on and pull-off licks, step-by-step.  Each segment prepares you for the next.  The series progresses as follows:

Part 1 – The basic technique of how to perform a hammer on, pull-off along with how to integrate the whammy bar and what it sounds like with the jam track.

Part 2 – Introducing 3 note hammer-pull combination using 3 fingers.

Part 3 – Learning to stretch the 4th finger and use it for four different licks to develop flexibility, strength and speed.

Part 4 – Covers the pentatonic scale, vertically, and shows how to apply hammers and pulls to it.

Part 5 – Covers the pentatonic scale, horizontally on one string and what a simple hammer-pull exercise looks and sounds like when moved in the note pattern.

Part 6 – Introduces a sliding lick to apply to the scale learned in part 5.

Part 7 – Learn hammer and pull licks that use two strings.

Part 8 – Move the licks that you learned in part 7 around the neck.

Part 9 – Adds an extra picked note on an adjacent string to introduce a lick that goes beyond just hammers and pulls.

Part 10 – Applies the lick learned in part 9 to the pentatonic scale (vertical) to create a scale sequence.

Part 1
Half Steps & Whole Steps

Part 2
3 Note Hammers and Pulls

Part 3

Part 4
Vertical Pentatonic Scale

Part 5
Horizontal Pentatonic Scale

Part 6
Slide Licks

Part 7
2 String Licks

Part 8
Moving 2 String Licks

Part 9
Adding A Picked Note

Part 10
Scale Sequence