Jam Tracks

Here are Jam Tracks that you can use to practice some of the techniques, licks, and scale phrases learned throughout the Super Guitar Licks Courses.

Each Jam Track includes a short description of what to expect and what scale you can use to get started with jamming along with it.

Super Guitar Licks Originals

Cat Fight

Cat Fight custom player

A jam with a late 80’s / early 90’s rock feel. Use A min or A min pentatonic throughout the verse. For the bridge switch F major over the F power chord then to C major pentatonic, which has the same notes as A min pentatonic.

Your Team Sucks

Your Team Sucks custom player

A 90’s pop-punk based jam. Use C maj or C maj pentatonic for the verse, F maj for the bridge and back to C major for the solo. If you play mostly in C maj you’re safe on this one.

White Trash

White Trash custom player

A trashy rock jam. Use D major throughout. During the modulation A dorian to B mixolydian. For the last verse / chorus the whole thing moduates 1 step up to E. Just take the D maj fingering and move it up 2 frets.

Ghost Of King Kong

Ghost Of King Kong custom player

A ska-rock jam. Use E min or E min petatonic for the verse. For the chorus E mixolydian.

Buck Tooth Lenny

Buck Tooth Lenny custom player

A heavy blues jam, use E min pentatonic or E blues scale.

Call Out The Hounds

Call Out The Hounds custom player

Based entirely on 7th chords with a dirty feel, this is a good one to practice sweeps. Use E mixolydian for the verse, A minor pentatonic for the chorus.

I Hate My Job

I Hate My Job custom player

A bouncy rock tune. Use E minor pentatonic to solo over it.

I'm Not Rich

I’m Not Rich custom player

A running electric groove. Use D min or D min pentatonic for the Intro. Use Em min pentatonic for the bridge then back to D min for the solo section.

Additional Jam Tracks

Rock Riff In D

Rock Riff In D custom player

For this rock groove you will want to use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 10th fret

Far From The Middle Of East

Far From The Middle Of East custom player

Key of Am. Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 5th fret or the 17th fret.

Rock Groove In A

Rock Groove In A custom player

This is a faster rock rhythm in A minor. Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 5th fret or the 15th fret.

B Minor Bluesy Rock Groove

B Minor Bluesy Rock Groove custom player

This fun uptempo groove is great for just about any kind of soloing. Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 7th fret.

Blues In A Jam

Blues In A Jam

As the name implies…It’s a Blues In A! Jam out with the pentatonic scale at the 5th or 15th fret. Also try using the Major Pentatonic scale at the 8th fret.

Funky C Minor Jam

Funky C Minor Jam custom player

Sometime you just have to get a little funky! Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 8th fret to rock out to this jam

E Minor Percussive Jam

E Minor Percussive Jam custom player

This jam track blends some unique rhythms with some great chords to jam on. Use the minor pentatonic scale at the 12th fret for this one

Chillin In C# Minor

Chillin In C# Minor custom player

Here’s a super smooth track that is perfect for soloing with full 7 note scales on.. Or use your pentatonics. It’s in C# Minor so start your minor scale at the 9th fret of the E string

80's Rock Groove

80’s Rock Groove custom player

Get your hairspray out and crank the gain on your amp! This uptempo rock riff will get your heart rate up. It’s in G Minor so pull out your favorite minor pentatonic licks and start them on the 3rd fret of the E string

ii-V Jam

ii-V Jam custom player

This groovy jazz progression is great for Non Jazz players because you can use the same scale and not have to worry about switching scales as the chords change, which is usually the case in Jazz. It’s in the key of B Minor so use your minor scales at the 7th fret of the E String

Spanish Jam

Spanish Groove custom player

As the name implies we are going to get that Spanish sound jamming with this chord progression. It’s in the key of B Minor so use your minor pentatonic scale at the 7th fret for some soloing fun!


Remenance custom player

This track is in the key of D minor so start your minor scales at the 10th fret of the E string.