Licks, Licks, Licks!

Get ready for over 2 hours of lessons where you will learn 50 great guitar licks!

The licks were going to work on are ones you find all the time in songs and solos so they should sound familiar and be useful and practical to play in many situations, whether you’re jamming with your friends or as a foundation for learning new songs.  These are licks, that once you have them under your fingers, you can plug them into playing with many music styles.

We’ve written them to serve as finger exercises as well to help you build accuracy, speed, dexterity and stretching ability. and they are arranged in order of difficulty so that each one builds upon the skills learned in the last. We’ll show you how to do each one note by note slowly and methodically.

You can also develop your sense of rhythm and timing by practicing with jam track.

Hopefully by the time you’ve mastered some licks you’ll be able to play what you hear by having your fingers know where they need to go instead of focusing on reading music or over analyzing where your fingers go.

Download Tabs For Entire Course In Printable PDF Format Here


Section A
Licks 1-8

Section B
Licks 9-12

Section C
Licks 13-16

Section D
Licks 17-23

Section E
Licks 24-32

Section F
Licks 33-36

Section G
Licks 37-40

Section H
Lick 41

Section I
Licks 42-43

Section J
Lick 44

Section K
Licks 45-46

Section L
Licks 47-48

Section M
Licks 49-50

Section N
Playing With The Jam Track

Section O
Transitions & Writing Solos