Quick Licks 1

Welcome to the Quick Licks series! These lessons are meant to give you some really fun and exciting licks to play and jam on so you can expand your lick repertoire.

While we do these over one particular jam track in the video, the big idea is to try them over different jam track, different key signatures and make them your own!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas of your own to add to what we’ve put together, we encourage you to use the comment section and get in touch. Have Fun!

Here’s Quick Lick #1

Backing Track

B Minor Bluesy Rock Groove
B Minor Bluesy Rock Groove ▶ custom player
This fun uptempo groove is great for just about any kind of soloing. Use the minor pentatonic scale starting at the 7th fret.

Guitar Tab
(To download tab, right click on image and save to your desktop)

Guitar Lick 1