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It's Time To Pick Up That Guitar You've Been Staring At For The Last 30 Years And Play The Damn Thing!

Yes your guitar looks as Cool as a 73’ Corvette… But can you pick it up Right Now and play the guitar solo to the song you were listening to when you first made out with that girl in your 73’ Corvette?

If so then please stopping reading this right now and go DO IT to bring some excitement into the moment and live life like gas costs $.25/gallon and you could care less about the corporate world.

If not… Then please allow us at Super Guitar Licks and the Soloing Essentials course to help you Finally learn how to play your guitar like you always knew you could!

What Makes Us Different And Why Do We Think We Can Help You?

Because We Specialize In Teaching The "Hard To Teach" And Provide A Judgement Free Place To Do It

It’s NOT About Us Trying To Impress You… It’s About You Becoming The Best Guitar Player You Can Be!

We left our ego at the door and put all our focus on YOU and what you want to achieve.

Our courses are NOT taught by some washed up, wanna be Rock Star who never made it to the big time…

We fell in LOVE with teaching and specialize in getting results for the “Hard To Teach” by simplifying the complex so Beginner & Intermediate players can see results FAST!

You might not always be able to teach a dog new tricks, but You’re Not A Dog! So let’s start with ground zero shall we?

What Other Players Are Saying...

  • Lou Deangelo

    Lou Deangelo

    Super Guitar Licks is the real deal if you are willing to practice what they have and follow their instructions, you will most definitely learn and see a real change in your playing. I learned some stuff, that last week I wouldn’t think i could do. If you haven’t tried it do so, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Frank Cordaro

    Frank Cordaro

    Thanks for the tips you send out. You have a great website and I am really building on my guitar playing as a result of it.

  • Ricky Willis

    Ricky Willis

    Hey Mike, just wanted to say thank you for the backing tracks. I don’t have a lot of spare time and getting together with other guys just doesn’t happen anymore. The backing tracks is just what I need to feel the thrill! I haven’t had calluses on my finger tips in 20+ years. I do now!

    I’m a product of the 80’s rock genre and I absolutely love the jams! Keep doing what you do! Old guys like me really appreciate it! It’s just a piece of my youth that I can reach back and touch!

Get Ready For Over 2 Hours Of Awesome Guitar Lessons Where You Will Learn 50 Great Guitar Licks!

Soloing Essentials

This course is going to teach you 5 unique and exciting licks that will catch the ears and attention of anyone that hears them! You will also be developing some crucial technical skills such as: Artificial Harmonics, Speed Picking, Timing, Whammy Bar Tricks and Hammers and Pulls. Some of the features include:

  • Step-By-Step Video Instruction
  • Jam Tracks To Play And Pracitce Along To
  • Guitar Tabs For Every Lick On Screen!

All of these licks are “Open Ended” which means they leave you room to inject your own creativity into the lick and use them to build out your own style and your own voice!

So Why Will This Course Work For Me???

When we survey guitar students and ask about what they want from a guitar learning program… the most common feedback we get is that they want:

  • A Step-By-Step Approach To Learning
  • Easy To Follow Videos
  • Good Lighting & Clean Up-Close Camera Angles
  • Accurate Guitar Tabs and Backing Tracks To Practice to

With Super Guitar Licks We Focused On What Our Students Asked For And Created It!

We took the time to create all of the above and more!

All of our courses and programs are organized and taught in a Step-By-Step approach so that you develop your skills in a sequence that makes sense and builds upon your abilities as you get better and better!

One of the problems with trying to learn guitar online is that there is SO MUCH information, videos, blogs, articles, etc.. usually NOT organized in any clear manner. Super Guitar Licks cuts out all of the noise and chatter and gives you a straight path to learning the skills that each course is designed for.

Soloing Essentials – Pay What You Want!

So Let’s Talk About The Goals Of This Course &
What You Can Expect From It…

Build A Strong Musical Vocabulary Of Guitar Licks, Phrases And Patterns

So if you are looking to get started or improve your skills as a lead guitar player and be able to play and write killer guitar solos… Then Super Guitar Licks and the Licks, Licks, Licks program is your one stop shop for all the training, resources and lessons you need all in one place and…

The magic of endlessly ripping jaw dropping solo after jaw dropping solo comes from knowing tons of licks and being able to create even more on the spot. While this might seem like a huge mystery and a ton of work… It’s not nearly as difficult as it might sound

We take the time to also illustrate how you can take the core licks and make them your own by adding to them, changing them and building upon them so that you develop your own voice creating unique licks, phrases and melodies.

Develop Killer Technique Allowing You To Play With Expression And Passion

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What you can expect here is to develop critical elements to being a great lead player which include:

  • Building finger strength
  • Stretching ability
  • And of course speed!

What you can expect here is to develop critical elements to being a great lead player which include:

  • Building finger strength
  • Stretching ability
  • And of course speed!

Understand Musically What’s Happening And Why It Works

We start at a very basic level in both the technical side of lead guitar playing as well as how the theory of soloing works and progress through more and more complex ideas as you go. So whether your a complete beginner on guitar in general or consider yourself intermediate and seasoned, you’ll find content and lessons to help you grow as a soloist and musician alike

Achieve Skills That Are Useful And Useable In Real Life Playing Situations

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Whether it’s in a real band, a local open jam or at a small coffee shop. We will be building your skills and confidence so that you can use what you learn in real life situations and have fun showing other people what you’ve achieved

We believe that anyone can have fun and get total enjoyment out of playing guitar by fullbandsmallthemselves in the privacy of their own homes, garages and man caves… But we also know that the real pay dirt for spending time developing your soloing skills comes when you get out there and jam with other people!

We Always Stand By Our Courses And Programs With Our…

Only $7!

No Monthly Payments!

Instant Online Video Access
(Super Guitar Licks Is Not Currently Available On DVD)


60 Day – No Questions Asked – Money Back Guarantee!

We are fully committed to providing you with only The Best Guitar learning method possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with Super Guitar Licks, then simply let us know within 60 days and we will refund your money in full No Questions Asked!