Soloing Essentials

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“5 Licks Guaranteed To WOW Anyone!”

This course is going to give you a taste of a variety of technical skills such as artificial harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, speed picking, timing and whammy bar tricks. During the process of learning these techniques you will be given practical examples that you can apply them to such as a lick or composition that sounds impressive when you play it for your friends. All of these are what I like to call “open ended” lessons, in that you are not just limited to utilizing the content of the lesson just as it is and left with that knowledge alone.  Instead, you have room to inject your own creativity into the licks and techniques to integrate them into your own style or build compositions of your own. Plus, I give examples and demonstrations of how you can use each technique or lick in a jam situation and a jam track you can try playing along with to build jamming skills.

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Essential Blues Rippin

Essential Rock Rippin

Pedaling The E String

80’s Rockin Lick

Spanish Flavor

Bonus Licks!

The Snake

The Runner

The Bite

The Kangaroo