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String Bending Series

In this series we start with basic string bending technique and work from there to put together complex bending licks, step-by-step.  Each segment prepares you for the next.  The series progresses as follows:

Part 1 – Bending technique, Explanation of half and whole step bends, Demonstration of their use across pentatonic scale.

Part 2 -Starter lick where you bend a note, release it and strike the next note below it in the scale.

Part 3 – Adding the 4th finger to produce classic rock, metal, and country style licks.

Part 4 – Adding a few more notes to create a more interesting bend lick.

Part 5 – Introduction of gradual bend technique in the style of guitarists such as Jimmy Page.

Part 6 – Shows how bending can be integrates into more complex licks.

Part 7 – Playing the bend lick we learned in part 2 and applying it across the entire guitar neck based on the pentatonic scale.  The licks are gradually getting more complex here.

Part 8 – Introduces bend licks in the open position. (Down on the first couple frets.)

Part 9 – Teaches the use of half step bends.

Part 10- A final complex lick that combines everything you have learned in parts 1-9 to tie everything together.

Part 1
Half Steps & Whole Steps

Part 2
Bend, Release, Note Lick

Part 3
Adding the 4th Finger

Part 4
Adding More Notes To Form Licks

Part 5
Gradual Bends

Part 6
Bending in Complex Licks

Part 7
Bending Across Pentatonic Scale

Part 8
Open String Bends

Part 9
Half Step Bends

Part 10
Putting Licks Together