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Sweep Picking Series

Sweep picking is characterized by a quick series of picked notes executed by a consistent up or down pick stroke.  It is the most efficient picking technique available and accommodates playing at speeds not possible with other picking styles.  It is especially suited to playing fast arpeggio runs.

Part 1 – Concept:  Covers the basics of sweep picking focusing on technique and coordination of right and left hands.

Part 2 – Diminished Sequences:  Arpeggio sequences on 3 strings in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen.  Four variations are explored.

Part 3 – Major Root 5 Arpeggios: Teaches the major arpeggio with root note on the 5th string.  Includes a series of exercises and licks you can use to practice them.

Part 4- Minor Root 5 Arpeggios: Learn the minor arpeggio with root on the 5th string.  This is an excercise guaranteed to push the limits of your playing.  Also includes and explains the min7 variation.

Part 5 – Minor root 6 arpeggio.  Learn the minor arpeggio with the root on the 6th string.  This exercise is a very fast execution of minor arpeggios, using the same fingering pattern but moving it around.

Part 1

Part 2
Diminished Sequences

Part 3
Major Root 5 Arpeggio

Part 4
Minor Root 5 Arpeggio

Part 5
Minor Root 6 Arpeggio