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Tapping Series

In this series you start with basic tapping technique and work through exercises until you can use it to play more complex interesting patterns and tricks.  When approaching these keep in mind that practicing slowly and working your way up in speed is the best way to master them.  Each segment prepares you for the next.  The series progresses as follows:

Part 1 -Covers the basic technique of tapping and the secret to doing it right.  Also gives you some basic licks/exercises that will prepare you for the other parts as well as a preview of licks to be learned.

Part 2 – The foundation lick: The most basic of tapping licks that all others a built on.  Popularized by Van Halen’s “Eruption” solo.

Part 3 – Variations that build on what you learned in part 2 that were used by guitarists such as Randy Rhoades.

Part 4 -Expands on the licks learned in part 3 by showing you how to perform them alternating between two strings.

Part 5 – Introduces tapping 3 notes using 3 fingers (left hand) and some common licks that it can be used for.

Part 6 – Learn some licks that combine pull-offs to open strings along with tapping.

Part 7 – The “Slip n Slide”, a trick that has you tap with your left hand while moving your right.  Very cool to watch and to hear!

Part 8 – Adds a bend to the tap.  Tapping and bending simultaneously.

Part 9 – The “Flutter Slide Tap”. Integrates a quick hammer-pull movement of the left hand with a tap then slide of the right.  Another cool sounding one.

Part 10 – The “Pick Tremelo Tap” – Use the pick to tap, creating a tremelo effect.

Part 1
Technique And Overview

Part 2
Foundation Lick

Part 3
Licks Variations

Part 4
Tapping Crossing 2 Strings

Part 5
3 Notes Left Hand Licks

Part 6
Open String Tapping Licks

Part 7
Slip ‘n Slide

Part 8
Bend and Tap

Part 9
Flutter and Slide Tap

Part 10
Pick Tremelo Tap