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We are excited to help you improve your guitar playing skills with us! One of the most important aspects of learning guitar, as well as improving your skills, is to make sure that you work at a level that fits your current abilities as well as challenges you to get better and play exactly the kind of music you want.

Because we know how important this is… We’ve created the learning experience on Super Guitar Licks to be tailored and customized to where you are as player so that… If you already rock you won’t be bored with beginner lessons and if your just starting out, you won’t be totally confused and frustrated with lessons that are out of your current abilities.

Right after you do, we’ll get you started on learning a fun lick we like to call “Essential Blues Rippin”. We know your anxious to get started so click on the link above, answer a few questions and then go grab your guitar and we’ll get cranking!

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