The Kangaroo

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Backing Track:

Have you ever watched a guitar player whose fingers seem to leap across the strings so quickly that your eyes can hardly keep up with them?  How about watching in awe as they create long ascending and descending runs in the style of Randy Rhodes or Van Halen that go beyond the usual licks?

If so, you’ll learn the technique behind it in this lesson called “The Kangaroo”.   “The Kangaroo” lives up to its name, as your fingers will jump quickly among the strings, hopping their way through long ascending and descending licks.  This one not only sounds cool, but it looks cool to the audience watching it because your fingers will move very quickly.

It’s based on one very simple 3 note finger movement that when played quickly, sounds and looks more difficult than it really is.  We will elaborate on to create complex licks based on the basic technique.

As always,  I’m not limiting you to just learning the technique and lick, but also showing you how to create variations on to inject your own creativity and style into the music you play.

Then we put it to use in a musical way by showing using it with a jam track to prepare you for real-life jamming situations.

So let’s get hopping!


First start by getting the basic note sequence ubder your fingers.  Next apply it to licks 1 and 2.

Lick 2:

When you have mastered those use the technique you have learned to create some very long ascending and descending licks, use tons of three note hammers and pulls combined with notes you can refer back to on adjacent strings.

These are a couple of EXTREME examples of what you can do.  I don’t suggest you learn them note by note.  (If you do they will sound REALLY cool and you are very ambitious.) Instead, go through them a few times to get the idea of whats going on and use them as models to create your own sequences.  Start simple and work your way up from there.